New Screenshots from Battle Teamss II Show Fine Graphics and Best Experience
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In the early screenshots from Battle Teams II, we could recognize some familiar maps like Snowy Fort and Desert. After reproduced by 3D engine these maps has surely provided a fresh feeling for the game’s old acquaintances. Recently the game announced new optimizing achievements. It seems the development team has started to focus on polishing the details.


In terms of graphics, Battle Teams II is already in the leading position of Chinese shooter games. As a realistic game, time and weather are perfectly attuned to the scene. Take the Snowy Fort for example, the slightly blurred graphics are imitations of pervading snow after heavy snowfall rather than lack of accuracy. 


By applying next generation technologies including HDR, RLR and Volumetric Light, Battle Teams II has a lifelike real-time lighting effect. With HDR the abundant housing in the game will have different luminance and it will bringing a clear sense of change of brightness for players to immerse in.


Different from other games where there is all pitch black in the shadow, Battle Teams II has no blind spot. It’s only dimmer in the shadow. It is vital in fierce shooter games because it allows players to see more during battles. Look closely at the bush in the picture, even with faint light we can still see someone is hiding in the dark. 


Perhaps a few static photos from scene is not enough to unveil the appealing graphics of Battle Teams II. Then let’s hear what the planner has to say. According to an exclusive interview with the planner, the game adopted real-time global illumination. The lighting on buildings and even the firearms characters hold will change as the actual lighting shifts. The light reflecting off the holding firearm will alter as the character turns. Observe the same scene from different angles you can see the different lights. Though these details don’t mean much, but they do show the meticulous effort Wizard Games has conducted.


Comparing the recently released screenshots to the ones from months ago, it’s not hard to notice the R&D team’s emphasis in promoting graphics and adding details. I’m looking forward to the surprise Battle Teams II will bring.  




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