Models of Battle Teams II’s New Weapons Speak for the Game of Next Generation
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Weapons are the deciding factor of player experience. And it is especially true for realistic games for it’s more demanding on identification and immersion of games. Today let's take a look at some of the weapons in the game. From the ture-to-life and exquisite guns you can see how the R&D team has taken the details to the fullest.

As a 3D realistic shooter game, the guns revealed so far in Battle Teams II are all based on real-world weapons. The weapon itself and the parts and bullets equipped with it are made in strict accordance with the real thing. Meanwhile, they also have a impressive performance and setting. Look at the above six-shooter M1917 Revolver, it’s hard to distinguish between screenshot from the game and photo. High model stands for highly detailed 3Dmodel with high accuracy and substantial poly model. In Battle Teams II we use highlight to mimic the texture mental firearms have under the sun to make it more realistic.



Now we are looking at a classic MP5 submachine gun. The one appears in Battle Teams II is MP5A3 with collapsible stock and Navy trigger group. It is also the most used MP5. In terms of the exterior design of the weapon, the high model production team of Battle Teams II has taken the details to the extreme. Every weapon from the model to the material fits the reality completely, and you can even see the tiny rust spots and scratches after zooming.



The VSS Special Sniper Rifle, also known as Vintorez, is a silenced, flame-free point-blank sniper developed by the former Soviet union. The R&D team used the top next-generation technologies in weapon modeling, such as HDR, real-time reflection and volume light, to create a very realistic real-time lighting effect in the scene.When the weapon is used in the scene, it can fit in the surrounding environment at any time.



The M4 and AK are probably the most popular gun used by players, but few of us know that SCAR is the uncrowned king for it has a remarkable accuracy. In shooting games, a pleasing shooting experience is also a very important factor. In this regard, Battle Teams II has had a lot of unrivalled experience. While developing the previous work, Battle Teams, the R&D team promoted a set of system ensuring that players can feeling challenging in competition while having a low threshold to getting started.



Finally comes AWM, favorite for many players. Many has experienced the pleasure of having a clean shoot and eliminate the enemy from the distance. Once mainly used in hunting, later AWM is applied in military sectors to to increase long-range damage. Equipped with USES 300 Winchester Magnum, AWM should be the world's most versatile sniper rifle.



According to the newly revealed high model images of weapons in Battle Teams II, the details of the weapons in the game are very exquisite, and the appearance restoration is close to perfect. We can know that the R&D team must have spent a lot of time studying these weapons in depth. The releasing of these weapons undoubtedly once again raised the expectations of domestic players. They would be longing to have authentic shooting experience with shooting accuracy, gun recoil and trajectory matched with real guns.




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