New Developments in Battle Teams II, a Step Further Towards Quality
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Is Battle Teams II finally having a beta test? Chill people, it’s just a small closed test within Wizard Games’ R&D team. Even though we are not sure about the time for beta test, this time’s closed test has way exceeded the expectation. And I believe the launch date is getting very close. 

The closed test is mainly focused on the three maps- Snowy Fort, Desert II and Conflicts in the Cabin. The first two are popular among our acquainted players and the latter is a newly added original map. The Battle Teams series is known for their  substantial scene designs. Mountains that covered with snow, forests, deserts and ruins, dozens of unique maps enable players to explore various modes in various environments. Moreover, thanks to the fully upgraded 3D engine, the image quality has reached next generation standards. Apart from renewal in existing maps, the R&D team also put forward more vast and topographically challenging maps in new modes.


According to the newest screenshots, the team is still polishing their work. There are   significant improvement in definition and more details in maps. From the above picture of a lake, we can obviously feel the game’s fine quality. There are sky with a realistic depth of field embellished with clouds, smooth image of plants and display of light and shadow mimicking natural lighting. And the most admirable design is the water, the shimmering ripple really puts you at the scene.


Beside the maps the closed test also trailed different modes including Team Battle, Blast Mode and Annihilation Mode. Luckily, I had the privilege to see some videos of people trying the game. From the videos we can see that in addition to the traditional first person view, player could also choose third person view. The design could better serves users’ need. And with improved 3D image characters and movements are more vivid in first person perspective,making the experience more enjoyable.


The team has run multiple tests on the game. And now it enters the final stage of the research and development project. The team will test the game as players and fix the bug they find and optimize its design to present the players with the best version of the game. From announcing the game, steadily progress has been made in image quality. All these made the waiting worthwhile. Now let’s hope an early release for the high-quality game from China.  




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