WORK LOG | The Designing of Battle Teams II’s Firearm
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Hello, I’m Hezi, a planner of Battle Teams II.

There had been a major upgrade on Battle Teams II’s firearms and today let’s have a close look.

Firstly, aiming. For most FPS games,only very few firearms could press right button for accurate aiming and most of them are for snipers. Even though it falls more into the category of traditional shooting and could differentiate players in terms of aiming ability. However the current system leaves more room for competition. 

Both Rainbow Six and Battlegrounds has the function for accurate aiming. It gives players accesses to have better views and various ballistic trajectories. By lower the level of aiming difficulties, players could focus more on strategic planning while facing more complicated situations.


Firearm model from Battle Teams II

The accurate aiming is a indispensable function for Battle Teams II. In the game we have alleys and open fields, in some maps the shooting range could reach hundreds of meters. Aiming at that range is really not of an pleasant experience.


Screenshots from Battle Teams II

So we introduced the accurate aiming system and a full list of attachments including the original mechanical keyboards, holo sight, red dot sight, ACOG and other advanced sights.

Since we have the aiming attachments, other accessories also come along the way- grips, stocks, magazines and muzzles.

Many of the most popular shooting games has some other functions like heartbeat monitoring, thermal image, close combat, etc. These features provide more ways to engage with the game. And of course Battle Teams II is no exception.     

Usually games will assign these functions with a specific character. However, we would prefer to appoint these features with accessories. In this way we can leave more room for players to DIY and our emphasize could be more at firearms than characters.  


Firearm model from Battle Teams II

For instance the bayonet has two different functions hack and stab depending on the type of firearms it is attached to. Therefore, as long as there is room in your firearm, you could equip it with different bayonets featured with varied functions and canister, laser sight, pentagonlight, signal flare and even riffle grenade are also optional.     

However, too much freedom will also lead to explosion of development difficulty causing postpone of release, challenging operating system and similar firearms.
To highlight the uniqueness of the firearms, we will introduce the concept of  gun manufacturer with reference to reality. Our current weaponry come from more than a dozen different gun factories, including Titan defense, ECL North America, and Skyfire Hammer.

Like real-life manufactures, different brands will have their own independent and unified decoration style, master different core technologies and can use different accessories. Take ECL North America-COT Electromagnetic Combat Arms Labs North America- for example, it is the largest electromagnetic weapons research center under the Titan organization. They produce advanced weapons that can use various electromagnetic technology accessories including EMP and magnetic track. At the same time, due to their focus on high-end electromagnetic research, ECL tends to manufacture long-range, precise and high-power weapons, but is not good at high-velocity or other direction of weapon manufacturing.


Concept map of ECL

The thorough settings of Battle Teams I gives its sequel a high starting point. Not only is it vivid in visual effects it could also really bring the players into the character. Like in real world, players could improvise in the guidance of scientific principles to get their own unique firearms.

The reconstruction of Battle Teams II’s firearm is only a small step in our journey of development. In the following days, we would talk more about of the challenges we faced while developing the game and the solution we came up with. Hope you could me us yours ideas about the game and together build a community of Battle Teams of our own.





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